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We supply our high quality gears to the machinery, agricultural, pump, automotive, and many other industries.


The high quality materials that we use to manufacture our gears include stainless and carbon steel, bronze and plastics. We can also finish and heat treat parts and offer just-in-time delivery services when required.


Jinpu Mechanical has more than twenty years of manufacturing experience in making gears, complete with CNC turning, milling, broaching and grinding. We deliver extraordinary capabilities to our valued customer base from metal industry types. From custom cutting to fresh improvements of your new product, we have the required production experience your project requires.




To precisely cut gear teeth, we are fully equipped with top of the line 澳门ag真人平台娱乐娱乐 tooth cutting machines. Furthermore, we have the 澳门ag真人平台平台登陆 and 澳门ag真人平台手机app for gear hobbing and gear shaping.




Precision tooth grinding of custom gears will result in parts that operate quietly and wear evenly (an OEM production note for high speed gear boxes and automotive applications). Our custom transmission gear tooth grinding capabilities include high production line capacity with the expertise of holding very tight tolerances. The accuracy of within 20 millionths of an inch or one half of a micrometer is efficiently monitored with these cutting edge machines.




Spur Gears: Up to 1.5m

Bevel Gears: Up to 0.6m Diameter

General Turning: Up to 0.6m  Diameter

Worm Gears: Up to 0.6m  Diameter

Turning: ±0.005mm

Milling: ±0.01mm




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For more information about our Gears, please download our CATALOG澳门ag真人平台下载首页

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